VLSI Design Services

The idea of integrating all components on a single silicon wafer came into existence and which led to development in small-scale integration (SSI) in the early 1960s, medium-scale integration (MSI) in the late 1960s, and large-scale integration (LSI) and VLSI in the 1970s and 1980s with tens of thousands of transistors on a single chip (later hundreds of thousands and now millions). In accordance with Moore's law, density of transistors doubles every 18 months and currently we all know that there are millions of FETs on a single Die/Chip. Now due to technology shrinking, we are into Very Deep Sub-micron. In fact we are no more into micron technology. We have been talking in terms of nano scale. 45nm, 32nm....this might go up to 15-13nm. Low power, low cost, high performance Chips designed and fabricated made strong impact in systems development and resulted in applications to diversified fields like computers, communications, entertainment electronics, medicine and rural necessities. With the rapid strides being made in silicon device technology, efficient, low cost devices with high performance are being manufactured. Caliber does R&D in VLSI domain which provides the foundation for future growth. It offers customized VLSI system research and development.

E-river Technology provides an expertise exposure to VLSI. E-river Technology is one of the best companies who provide comprehensive & innovative solution in VLSI. Our projects development in VLSI are focused in the field of Robotics, Cryptography, Biomedical, Automation etc..