Embedded Systems Projects

Design next-generation products to make your life simpler, easier, more productive and less expensive.Embedded Technology is the hottest technology at present. It is a dreamer's paradise with unlimited possibilities and opportunity. It is a 50 billion dollar industry at present and is projected to grow to over 90 billion dollar within 5 years. It is a combination of hardware and software that is preprogrammed to perform a range of dedicated functions. The hardware and software is unique for a given application.

Gesture Color controlled Music Player

Gesture Color controlled music player: Using the hand movment we can easily control the music player like play,pause,forward,reverse,and change the volume of sound…like also add other features to increase the functionality using matlab.

Red Object Tracking

Red Object Tracking: Using primary colours we can identify the notification.like shrolling and right and left nkeys and also control objects in matlab..

Voice Activated Camera

As you know that using matlab we can easily control any device which is inside the system or outside. we can use camera h/w id and control camera and take pic and using id and voice commands.we can also use external h/w instand of camera.


As you know that we can control devides using matlab but also we can use use and design application like that it identify the noise of user and process and follow command over it using matlab 2013.

Wi-Fi interfacing system

We can also interface external h/w and communication devices like serial,parelle,wireless using wifi we can easily control device and application we can use any controller like arduino,raspberry pi and all.and we can command on it using protocols.

Edge Detection using diffrent algorithm sobel prewitt Robert

In image processing one of the best consept evet tidentify the edge of imsges it use in space and animation field it work inreal time also using different algorithams. Also design in Simulink it work on real life also.

Mouse Control

In today real word people love to perform task using virtual environment here we have one application with that we can control wireless mouse.using camera interfacing.with help of primary colours. It use in gaming and also for play fun with software.

Gesture base sign language detection

Gesture base we can control the devices but also we can use this application to help deaf and dump people using gesture position they can also convert their ideas and thoughts to common human beings.it require MATLAB 2013.

MCCDMA for communication base wireless protocol

Matlab is not use only in funing and gameing but also we can use in communication also to design wireless network on that and design the algo toremove thennoise and design for sigmnal and multi user also.

Clusting removing from underwater image

Matlab is also use for remove cluster from images. its use for removing the unwanted pats and data from images.

Matlab with rasberry pia board configration target

Interfacing matlab with rsberry pia board we can easily control the robotics arm using stepper as well also with servo moter with the android as well as windows phone keypad.

Mindwave configration with real detection in matlab

Interfacing matlab with ardunio board we can easily control the robotics arm using stepper as well also with servo moter with the android as well as windows phone keypad. Using bluthooth…use to capture images form mindwave.